Creating video content isn’t easy, and a lot of people struggle to get traction with theirs, simply because there is so much to learn and it can overwhelm so easily.

When I started out making video in 2007, with help from some of my friends to promote our bricks and mortar business, it was slow at first: I didn’t know how to edit, shooting a video would mean hundreds of takes, I didn’t understand how to tell a story, I had no idea about getting the lighting right, what audio tuning is—frankly, the videos were terrible.

It was all such a learning curve that I nearly gave up—but I knew this was important, so I went on a journey. I learned from some of the greatest people in marketing about using educational content to position myself as an expert. We had a great product, great service, and an awesome team, but no one had really heard of me—video changed my business. 

Once we started creating quality content that spoke to our audience in a language that they related to, our business started to boom. We doubled in size in six months, and again the next six, and a third time within the next 12 months. 

We had found the right positioning in the market, and people began to follow us. I created over 500 pieces of video content: the view count is now at 2,780,617 and still growing What I came to realise was that all businesses need brand awareness and quality messaging that speaks to their audience.

Today, I have created products that do exactly that. Whether you’re a brand-new business or a mature company who needs to update your online presence, my products  allow you to position yourself exactly where you need to sit in the marketplace in order to attract the type of clients that will spend more money with you and stay with you for longer.

My videos are top-of-funnel-content: it’s the first impression of you—the business owner—to the marketplace, so we need to make you look sharp. Unlike other videographers, I work with the business owner directly, to make sure the video content aligns with your brand identity.

My ideal clients are companies who have their brand established or niche carved, but are struggling to get the message out due to a lack of skill and experience in the digital world. They are great at what they do, creating a product or service and delivering it to the marketplace, but they are lacking in regard to quality content, positioning as an expert, and just having a content-plan in place.

I work with businesses who know that they need to continually offer high quality video as the top-of-funnel layer, using that to drive traffic to their website, which then turns into lead flow. They know they need video but don’t know how to make it, or have the time, equipment or skills to produce it. They know they don’t want to half-ass it, as they are clear on their brand identity. They want to become a local success story by adding a lot of value to their audience, by giving away the insider secrets that will show them to be the top dog in their industry.

Digital agencies or a marketing coach strategic partner will recommend a strategy to the business owner and we can help them to execute. They want to help their clients position themselves as an expert. Specifically those who have an established organisation that want to use social media and video as a way to explain and educate their market—share their top secrets via the video platform. 

Course creators who have struggled to drive traffic through need to have high-quality,  succinct videos that will share the message to their target market and warm-up the list. I will use my understanding of marketing and avatar to create content that is on-point for their brand.

Business Coaches who want to create a Video Sales Letter (VSL) that tells the audience why they created their coaching business, using the hero’s journey of their own story. They are an established coach who wants to double-down on a particular niche, going from the generalist to an industry-specific coach. They have their online program setup and ready to go, and now need to create the right content; they have the budget and are prepared to spend it on good marketing.